Connecting power for 3-phase motors – Wilton 4210 User Manual

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Connecting Power for 3-phase Motors

1. Be certain the power to the branch you are

connecting is off, and locked out, so power
cannot be reestablished, accidentally.

2. Connect the ground wires. Thse wires will be

either green, or green with a white trace.

3. Connect the remaining three cable wires to the

three power wires in the service branch.

4. Reestablish power to the branch.
5. Turn the machine on. The motor should be

turning counter-clockwise, the belt sander should
be moving downward, and the disc sander should

Figure 12: Schematic diagram for
single phase motor with 3-wire
cable. Note: this schematic
provided for use with older
sanders, only. All machines are
now shipped with a 4-wire cable
whether single phase or 3-phase.

Figure 13: Schematic diagram for
single phase motor with 4-wire

be turning clockwise. If this is the case, the
machine can be considered wired correctly. If
the motor is not turning in the correct direction,
take the following corrective action:

6. Disconnect power in the branch again and be

certain it cannot be accidentally turned on while
you correct the wiring.

7. Reverse ANY TWO of the power wires to the


8. Reestablish power in the service branch to the


9. Turn on the machine again. The motor should

now be turning in the correct direction.

Figure 14: Schematic diagram for
3-phase motor.