Troubleshooting – Wilton 4210 User Manual

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Probable Cause Remedy

Machine does not start.

1. Blown fuse or tripped

1. Determine reason for blown fuse/tripped

circuit breaker.

breaker (such as a short circuit or motor
overload). Correct reason for fault. Replace
fuse/reset breaker.

2. Motor failure.

2. Replace motor.

3. Not connected to power

3. Connect to power source.

4.Motor not wired for correct

4. Correct motor wiring.

5. Motor not connected to

5. Connect to proper voltage source.

correct voltage source.

Sanding belt does not

1. Sanding belt stretched

1. Replace sanding belt.


2. V-belt worn.

2. Replace V-belt.

3. Pulley worn.

3. Replace pulley.

Abrasive disc separates

1. Improperly bonded.

1. Clean residual adhesive from disc.

from disc.

Reapply adhesive-backed disc to clean disc.

Sanding belt slips or stalls

1. Abrasive belt tension

1. Tighten sanding belt.

when pressure is applied.

2. Excessive pressure being

2. Reduce pressure on sanding belt

applied to platen housing.

(and platen housing).

3. Motor belt loose.

3. Tighten motor belt.

Disc stalls when pressure

1. Motor V-belt loose.

1. Tighten motor V-belt.

is applied.

Frequent replacement of

1. Too much pressure being

1. Reduce pressure on work piece.

sanding belt.

applied to work piece.
2. Full width of belt not being

2. Stroke across sanding belt using full width


of belt surface.