Operation, Controls, Miter gauge – Wilton 4210 User Manual

Page 9: Adjustments, Adjusting belt tracking

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This section defines the controls and other features
with which the operator should be familiar. Refer to
Figures 3 and 4 for some typical sander operations.

Figure 3. Contouring with Belt Sander

Figure 4. Sanding using Disc Sander


The ON/OFF switch is located on the side of the
machine base (refer to Figure 5).

Miter Gauge

A miter gauge is provided with the machine and can
be used on either the belt sander of disc sander work
tables. The angle of the miter gauge can be adjusted
up to 45 degrees to accommodate angular work
piece surfaces.

Figure 5. ON/OFF Switch


Adjusting Belt Tracking

The tracking of the sanding belt may require adjust-
ment after changing the belt. The belt housing has a
tracking adjustment mechanism (Figure 6) that is
used to adjust tracking.

1. Start the machine.
2. Check tracking of the sanding belt. The belt

should track at the center of the drums.

3. Adjust belt tracking by turning the adjustment

knob. Turn the knob as needed to correct the
tracking of the belt.

Figure 6. Adjusting Belt Tracking

Belt Tracking

Adjustment Knob

Belt should track

at center of drums;

no side-to-side


Belt Tensioning