Optional equipment, Coolant system installation – Wilton 2221VS User Manual

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Optional Equipment

Coolant System Installation

1. Remove the large reservoir cover plate from the
machine base. Tap 1/4-20 threads in the 4 pilot holes.
Install the cover plate back onto the machine base.
2. Insert the pump into the opening, utilize the
screws from the small round cover plate to fasten the
pump to the base.
3. Position the power switch and valve bracket on the
spindle casting. Mark mounting hole locations and
drill holes. (Refer to Figure 8).
Note: Mount components near the lower edge of the
spindle casting. Do not mount componets above the
line shown in Figure 9.
4. Install the power switch and valve bracket with the
provided fastener hardware.

Figure: 8 Suggested installation

5. Install the 3/8-inch hose barb to the coolant pump.
If needed apply a light coat of pipe sealant or Teflon
tape to the threads to prevent leakage.
6. Mount the flow valve to the bracket, connect the
supply hose to the pump and valve, use hose clamps
at the ends.
7. Install the flexible nozzle to the flow valve.
8. Install the 1/2-inch hose barb to the worktable,
seal threads if needed. Connect the return hose.
9. Connect the power cord to a suitable source and
ground (refer to General Electrical Cautions).
10. Fill the reservoir with appropriate machining

Figure 9: Installation Detail

Do not mount components
above this line.

Flow valve
mounting bracket.

Power switch - mounting
plate flush with bottom
edge of spindle casting.