Replacement parts – Wilton 2221VS User Manual

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Replacement Parts

This section provides exploded view illustrations that show the replacement parts for Wilton Model 2221VS,
2223VS, 2232AC, and 2234AC 20-Inch Drill Presses. Also provided are parts listings that provide part number,
description, and quantity. The item numbers shown on the illustration relate to the item number in the facing
page of the parts listing.

Separate exploded views and parts listings are provided for the drill heads for manual speed control drill presses
(Models 2221VS and 2223VS) and the inverter speed control drill presses (Models 2232AC and 2234AC). The
exploded view and parts listing for the drill press spindle components, and the table, base, and column apply to
all models.

Order replacement parts from:

2420 Vantage Drive
Elgin, IL 60124
Phone: 800-274-6848

Identify the replacement part by the part number shown in the parts listing. Be sure to include the model
number and serial number of your machine when ordering replacement parts to assure that you will receive the
correct part.