General electrical cautions, Safety instructions for drill presses – Wilton 2221VS User Manual

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AWG (American wire gauge) number

Conductor length

240 volt lines

120 volt lines

0-50 feet

No. 14

No. 14

50-100 feet

No. 14

No. 12

Over 100 feet

No. 12


General electrical cautions

This drill press should be grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code and local codes and
ordinances. This work should be done by a qualified electrician. The saw should be grounded to protect the
user from electrical shock.

Wire sizes

Caution: for circuits which are far away from the electrical service box, the wire size must be increased in
order to deliver ample voltage to the motor. To minimize power losses and to prevent motor overheating and
burnout, the use of wire sizes for branch circuits or electrical extension cords according to the following table is



Safety Instructions for Drill Presses

2. Drill press head and table shall be securely
locked to the column before operating the drill press.
This must always be checked prior to starting the

3. Always use the correct tooling. Tooling shall
always be maintained and properly sharpened. All
tooling must be run at the proper speeds and feeds
as they apply to the job. Use only recommended
accessories and follow those manufacturers instruc-
tions pertaining to them. Tooling shall be not be
forced in to any workpiece but fed according to the
proper specifications. Failure to follow these
instructions will not only ruin the tooling as well as
the machine, but can cause serious injury.

4. Never brush away any chips while the machine
is in operation. All clean up should be done when
the machine is stopped.

5. Keep hands in sight. Do not put hands or
fingers around, on, or below any rotating cutting
tools. Leather safety gloves should be used when

handling any sharp objects or cutting tools. See
Figure A.

6. Always wear protective eye wear when operating,
servicing or adjusting machinery. Eyewear shall be
impact resistant, protective safety glasses with side
shields complying with ANSI Z87.1 specifications.
Use of the eye wear which does not comply with
ANSI Z87.1 specifications could result in severe
injury from breakage of eye protection. Figure B.

7. When drilling in material which causes dust, a
dust mask shall be worn. See Figure C.

8. Avoid contact with coolant, especially guarding the

9. Non-slip footwear and safety shoes are recom-
mended. See Figure D.

10. Wear ear protectors (plugs or muffs) during
extended periods of operation. See Figure E.