Mounting the controller, Looking after the controller, Using your controller – Xpelair FR22-30 User Manual

Page 5: Remove the cover and mounting frame, Mounting the wall box, Wire the controller electrical connections, Connect to power supply, Cleaning, Operating the controller

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Remove the Cover and Mounting Frame

Eye protection must be worn during all
drilling & chiselling operations.

Check there are no buried Pipes or Cables
in the wall or obstructions on the outside
e.g. Electricity, Gas, Water.

Mounting the Wall Box

If surface mounting
1 Insert suitable glands into the knockouts.
2 Feed both cables through the glands.
3 Fix the Wall Box and Plastic Surround to the wall, using

the mounting holes provided.

4 Reconnect the earth lead to the Wall Box.
If recess mounting
1 Make a hole in the wall big enough to take the Wall Box.

Discard the Plastic Surround.

2 Insert suitable glands into the knockouts.
3 Feed both cables through these glands.
4 Fix the Wall Box to the wall. Ensure that the

flange of the mounting frame fits flush to the finished
surface of the wall (Refer diagram F6).

5 Reconnect the earth lead to the Wall Box.

Wire the Controller electrical connections

1 Mount the Isolation Switch in accordance with the

manufacturers instructions.

2 Wire the Controller to the Isolation Switch and to the Fan

as shown in the appropriate diagram (Refer to Table 1).

3 Refit Mounting Frame to Metal Wall Box.
4 Refit the Fascia to the Mounting Frame.
5 Refit the Screw Covers.

1 Ensure power supply is isolated and fuses are


2 Route the Cable from the Isolating Switch to the point of

connection to the power supply.

3 Make all connections within the Isolating Switch in

accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

4 Following all local regulations make connection at point of

power supply.

5 Make a final check to ensure all earth points are connected

and all covers have been correctly replaced on the fan,
controller and isolating switch.

6 Replace all fuses, and switch on the power supply.

For fixed wiring circuits the protective fuse for the
appliance must not exceed 5 amps.

For Australia only:
These models are permanently connected to the supply &
operation is controlled by a remote switch. They should be
directly wired to the supply through an approved 10 amp wall
mounted surface switch with at least 3mm clearance between

Mounting the Controller

1 Detach the Fascia from the Mounting Frame by removing

the screw covers and two screws (Refer to Fig. 2a&b).

2 Detach the Mounting Frame from the Wall Box by

removing the two screws (Refer to Fig. 2c).

3 Lift the Wall Box away from the Plastic Surround.
4 Check that the electrical rating shown inside the controller

matches the power supply.

5 Disconnect the earth wire from the Wall Box.
6 Make cable entry holes in the plastic and metal boxes by

removing suitable knockouts (Refer to Fig. 1).

Connect to Power Supply

Fig. 1 : Cable Gland Positions

Fig. 2a : Removing screw covers Fig. 2b:Removing fascia Fig. 2c: Removing mounting frame


1 Before cleaning isolate the Controller completely

from the power supply.

2 Wipe the Cover carefully with a damp cloth.
3 Dry thoroughly.
4 Ensure ventilation slots are free from obstuctions at all


Never immerse the Controller in water
or other liquids.

Never use solvents to clean the

Apart from cleaning, no other
maintenance is required.

Looking after the Controller

Operating the Controller

Using your Controller

1 On / Off switch
2 Intake / Extract switch

3 High / Low speed

4 Indicator light
5 Ventilation slots
6 Screw cover
7 Fascia

8 Mounting Frame
9 Wall Box
10 Plastic Surround
11 Controllers Terminal Block
12 Fan’s Terminal Block
13 Double Pole Isolator switch
14 Fuses

The Controller has the following features: (Refer to diagrams