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Welcome to Zingles

Zingles is a simple yet highly addictive logic puzzle game and forms part of the Strategy
and Puzzle game portfolio available from ZingMagic.

About this Document

This User Guide is intended for use with devices based on the Series 80 platform, including
the Nokia 9300 and 9500. It explains how to use the Zingles application and, in so doing, it

assumes that the reader is familiar with the standard features of their device.


Installation of Zingles requires the user to be familiar with their Series 80 device, software

and the Windows PC environment. Please consult the User Guide that was supplied with
your device for more information.

To transfer Zingles onto your Series 80 device, send the Zingles.sis file from your PC to the

device via bluetooth or Infrared.

To install Zingles on your Series 80 device, follow the onscreen instructions. Once installed,
launch the application by navigating to the resulting icon within the main Menu section, and

opening it.

Zingles can be removed from your Series 80 device in the same way as standard