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Zingles User Guide 6

Solving boards

Zingles has a lightning fast board solver built in. Simply choose the Solve board menu

option and Zingles will complete the board, displaying the solution.

Solving external boards

If you wish to solve a board obtained externally simply create a game that initially contains
81 blanks – choose the ‘blank’ level. You may either use the current game board or choose

to create a new game from the game list view. Place the pieces as per external game on
the board squares. Once you have entered the pieces simply choose the Solve board menu


Note that depending on the exact rules being used there may be multiple solutions to an
external board. Zingles will only find one solution.

Layouts and piece sets

Zingles contains a number of boards, layouts and piece sets. Since Zingles is a game of logic

it does not require that pieces are numerical, simply that there are 9 different pieces. For
a challenge or simply because you may prefer, use the Switch pieces menu option to

choose between the different numeric, alphabetic or coloured piece sets. Any piece set
can be used on any layout.

Similarly Zingles provides a number of different boards on which you can play plus a

number of layouts that are able to display additional information. Use the Switch view
menu option to change between the available boards and layouts. For example the screen

shot below displays the board plus analysis information.

The region to the top right of the board displays

the legal moves for the current row
the legal moves for the current column
the legal moves for the current sub-grid

The region to the bottom right of the board summarizes the information from the top to

produce a list of the possible moves for the current square. If you are playing games where
the diagonals also need to contain unique pieces the summarized list of legal moves will

take that into account.

Next game

You can start a new game by selecting the Next game menu option in the Board view. If the
current game is not complete you will be asked to confirm that you wish to resign from

playing the current game. Note that the current game will be replaced by the next game. If
you want to keep the current game use the New game menu option from the game list view

to create a different instance of a Zingles board.

Zingles is able to generate an unlimited number of games. Zingles supports 4 levels of play