Managing games, Replay game, Preferences – Zing Magic Series 80 User Manual

Page 9: Opening a saved game, Deleting a game

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Zingles User Guide 7

easy – boards contain around 35 givens
medium – boards contain around 30 givens
hard – boards contain around 25 givens
blank – board contains 0 givens. Use this level to enter external boards

Zingles also supports a popular game variation whereby the pieces along the diagonals of

the board are also required to be unique. Games with unique diagonal pieces are a little
easier to solve. When you start a new game you will be asked whether you wish to play a

game with pieces on the diagonals being unique.

Zingles ensures that all the games it generates only have a single solution. These are known
as ‘true’ games.

Replay game

You may either wish to replay a game you have completed or simply remove all the pieces

currently played and start again. In either case simply choose the Replay game menu
option in the board view.


Zingles offers the ability to

restrict moves made to only those that are legal or allow totally freeform moves.
display the positions of the pieces that were initially ‘given’ or not.

Use the Preferences menu option in the board view to set up your game play preferences.

Managing games

Zingles allows you to store multiple games on your Series 80 device. You may wish to have
multiple games in progress at the same time or for example create a temporary game to be

able to use the solver whilst continuing with other games. Zingles has no limit on the
number of games it can manage, however you are encouraged to keep the list reasonably


To create a new game simply choose the New game menu option from the “game list
view”. You will be asked to give the game a name so you can identify it later.

Opening a saved Game

To re-open a saved game, highlight the game you wish to open and press the Play CBA

button. The selected game will be displayed.

Deleting a game

To delete a game that you no longer wish to keep, highlight the game you wish to delete
and choose the Delete game menu option. A warning message is displayed asking you

whether you wish to delete the game. Confirm that you wish to delete the game by pressing
Yes. To cancel, and save the game, select No.