Troubleshooting – Yamaha PDM-1 User Manual

Page 37

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The plasma display panel is manufactured using an extremely high level of precision
technology, however, sometimes some parts of the screen may be missing picture
elements or have luminous spots. This is not a malfunction.

Do not allow a still picture to be displayed for an extended period, as this can
cause a permanent after-image to remain on the plasma display.
Examples of still pictures include logos, video games, computer images, teletext
and images displayed in 4:3 mode.

The permanent after-image on the plasma display resulting from fixed image use
is not an operating defect and as such is not covered by the Warranty.
This product is not designed to display fixed images for extended periods of time.

The display unit is fitted with a cooling fan to dissipate heat generated during normal
use.The whirring sound is caused by rotation of the fan and is not a malfunction.


Some parts of the screen do
not light up

After-images appear

Whirring sounds can be heard
from the display unit.


Before you call for service, determine the symptoms and make a few simple checks as shown below.

Plasma display panel



Electrical Appliances
Fluorescent light

(Check whether the mute function has been
activated on the remote control.)

Not plugged into AC outlet
Not switched on
PICTURE and BRIGHTNESS/Volume setting
(Check by pushing the power switch or
stand-by button on the remote control.)

If a signal with a non-applicable color system
format, or frequency is input, only the input
terminal indication is displayed.

Color controls set at minimum level.
(see page 28, 29)
Color system (see page 35)



Normal Picture

No Picture

No Picture

No Color


Noisy Sound

No Sound

No Sound

Normal Sound

Normal Sound