Remote control batteries – Yamaha PDM-1 User Manual

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Remote Control Batteries

Requires two AA batteries.
1. Turn the transmitter face down.

Press and slide off the battery

2. Install the batteries as shown in the

battery compartment. (Polarity + or
– must match the markings in the

Helpful Hint:

For frequent remote control users, replace old batteries with Alkaline
batteries for longer life.

Precaution on battery use

Incorrect installation can cause battery leakage and corrosion that will damage the remote control transmitter.
Observe the following precautions:
1. Batteries should always be replaced as a pair. Always use new batteries when replacing the old set.
2. Do not combine a used battery with a new one.
3. Do not mix battery types (example: “Zinc Carbon” with “Alkaline”).
4. Do not attempt to charge, short-circuit, disassemble, heat or burn used batteries.
5. Battery replacement is necessary when the remote control acts sporadically or stops operating the plasma display.

3. Replace the cover and slide in

reverse until the lock snaps.

Two "AA" size