Roubleshooting – XtremeMac XGC-1e User Manual

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If you are having problems with this unit, refer to these troubleshooting hints. Also, refer to the connection diagram to ensure your devices
are connected properly.





All of the main functions controlled by the XGC are accessed using (8) standard 120 VAC, 15-amp receptacles mounted on the sides of
the enclosure. This allows you to simply “plug in” any standard device without hardwiring or hassles. Printed labels on the front face of
the enclosure identify the receptacles.

We highly recommend using only 3-wire devices with a ground. Suitably double-insulated devices are acceptable. Keep in mind that the
combined amperage draw on all of the devices connected to the XGC-1e must be less than 15-amps @ 120 VAC.


• I have no lights and no function at all.

• The fuse continues to blow.

• The fans are running so often, the CO


is hardly ever ON.

• My CO


consumption seems to be

quite high.

• The Hydro pumps are not cycling


• The CO


outlet is pulsing ON and OFF

too often.

• After my compressed bottle or LP tank

was replaced, the level fluctuates.

• My CO


outlet never comes on.

Suggested Action

Check the fuse and main power. Replace the fuse if required with the correct rated fuse.
Check the equipment connected to the XGC for problems and/or short circuits.

If the fuse blows repeatedly, verify the devices connected to the unit are working properly
and that they are not too large for the XGC-1e to safely control.
You may need to consider using expansion modules, (UPM / HPR / MLC) to decrease the
amperage (load) on the XGC fuse.

You may have too much heat building up in your area or too small of an exhaust fan.

Reduce the heat sources or increase your fan size.

You may also consider using a “closed-loop” air conditioner to keep the temperature and
humidity below the set points so that CO


is allowed to run for longer amounts of time.

Make sure your area is sealed. You may want to install a motorized damper to seal your
exhaust fans when they are “OFF”.

The Hydro pump outlets can be operated 24-hours a day or only when the “Lights” are “ON”.
The “Hydro” selector switch also has a center “OFF” position, which can be used to “reset” the
timing function. Make sure the switch is not turned “OFF”.

If you are running a CO


generator, you may want to change to ON / OFF control.

If running compressed CO


you may want to try running an Auto tune.

If your CO


tank runs out for a period of time, the controller may take anywhere from a few hours

to a couple of days to re-stabilize, this is normal. When the tank ran out, the PPM-2a tried to
compensate by changing its internal settings.

Make sure the CO


disable function is not ON.

If the actual CO


level is above the set point (SV) the outlet will not turn on. Allow the level to

drop or raise the (SV).