Imers, 24 h – XtremeMac XGC-1e User Manual

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The XGC-1e uses 2 timers to control the hydroponic pump functions. It also has a 24-hour time-clock which controls your daytime and
nightime functions.







The two Adjustable Recycling Timers (ART) provide an adjustable “ON” / “OFF” cycle for various devices. The 2-adjustable recycling
timers onboard the XGC are set using the dials on the front face of the enclosure. The timer name and range of each timer is printed
around the timer dials. Because the dials of the XGC are small to conserve space, the settings may have to be adjusted to an actual time
setting. If necessary, use a watch or stopwatch to confirm the settings are correct. Once the timers are set, they are repeatable to +/- .5%.

The timers are designed to finish the cycle they are presently timing which means adjustments made to the timers during a cycle will not
affect the present cycle.

RESETTING HYDRO TIMERS: The Hydro timers can be reset by switching the Hydro mode select switch to the center “OFF” position
momentarily. Switching back to your desired mode starts the timing cycle







The Hydroponic outlet can be configured to cycle one of two ways… 24-hours a day or, during the “daytime” only. Simply moving the
Hydro Mode selector switch to either the “24-Hour” or the “Daytime” position enables the desired mode. When used in the Daytime”
mode, the Hydro outlet will only cycle while the lights are on. The “24-hour” mode works great for NFT or aeroponic systems that require
moisture during the day and night. The mode selector switch also doubles as a Hydro bypass switch. Each time the switch position is
changed, the hydro timers will reset and initiate a new cycle. This comes in handy during set-up of the hydro pumps and timer settings.

There are two timers that control the hydroponics receptacle, Hydro “ON” and Hydro “OFF”. The XGC-1’s Hydro “ON” time can be set from
30 seconds to 20 minutes; the Hydro “OFF” time can be set from 12 to 480 minutes. Set the timers by moving the dial to the appropriate

24 h


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The timeclock selected to run the XGC performs all of the day to night transitions required for crops requiring controlled photoperiods. It
can directly control up to 1000 watts of HID lights.

To set the current time on the timeclock, turn the dial clockwise until the current time on the outer dial lines up with the arrow on the
inner dial. To set the timeclock on and off times, carefully push in each of the orange trip levers at the times you want the lights to be on.

*NOTE: If power is interrupted, the timeclock may have to be reset.