Questions and answers – 2nd Ave. Olympus Infinity Zoom 76 User Manual

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Questions and answers

Q: What kind of batteries should I use?
A: Use two 3V lithium batteries (DL123A or CR123A). Do not

mix new and old batteries at the same time. Change them

both at the same time.

Q: How long will the battery last?
A: If

you use

24-exposure rolls of film and expose half of all

your pictures with flash, two new 3V lithium batteries
(DL 123A/CR123A) will allow you to take 30 or more rolls
of film. If you do not use flash and zoom so often, the

batteries will last much longer.

Q: The camera does not operate. What should I do?

A: (1)Make sure the power switch is ON. (2)Make sure there

are batteries in the camera, and that they are inserted
correctly. (Refer to page 6.) (3)If the film has been rewound,
the camera will not operate until the back cover is opened.

(4)While the flash is being charged, the shutter will not

release. (5)If the distance range to the subject is less than
0.6m, the shutter will not release.

Q: The camera does not focus correctly. What should I do?
A: (1) In the following situations, the camera's autofocus

mechanism may not function properly. Compose your
picture by focusing on a different subject which is in the
same range as your subject.

Objects that reflect too much light

Black objects

Pictures taken through a glass window or wire screening
Pictures including flames or smoke

When the sun is

included in the picture
(2) Use the focus lock when the subject is not in the center of

the picture. (Refer to P.25)

Q: The


does not fire.

A: Make sure the flash mode is not set to OFF mode.

Q: The camera fails to operate in cold weather. What can I


A: Generally, low temperatures will reduce the battery

performance temporarily. Try to keep the camera warm

before using them.