Interface introduction, Basic operation – Naxa NID-7006A User Manual

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Note: The device also

supports the FAT32 format for external devices, for example U disk or Micro SD cards to Transfer data.

Interface Introduction

Bottom bar of the Interface

A. WIFI signal status icon: If it’s connected to the WIFI wireless network, the icon will be displayed.

B. OTG connect icon: If the device is connected to the PC, it will show the OTG connected icon.

C. Time display: Display the time of the current system which has been set.

D. Battery status icon: Displays the current battery level and the charging status.

E. Menu, Home, Back, virtual buttons

The HOME Screen menu

Press the menu icon

on the device; it will display a home screen menu as following:

Wallpaper: Users can replace the wallpaper with their wishes.

Manage apps: It can quickly open a list of all applications.

System Settings: Fast access to system settings, user can choose “Wireless & networks”, “Display”, “Date & time” etc, for personalized settings.


When sliding around with your finger to switch the main screen, the desktop fixed on the main screen, will not move. User can drag the application

icon placed on the desktop area in the main screen.

Basic Operation

Click the "Settings" icon

in the main applications area; the system settings interface will open as shown below: