Naxa NID-7006A User Manual

Page 9

background image


Click “ ” to pause the player, the icon turns to “ ” , click it once again to resume normal playing.

Click “ ” to play the next song, press and hold to do fast forward.

Click “ ” to display the present playing list.

Click “ ” to select the random playing mode.

Click “ ” to select the repeat playing mode.

Photo Browser


to get into Photo Browser directly. There will be the list of all the picture files and video files as shown below:

Select a picture file; enter the picture playback interface, as shown below. User can select "Slideshow", ”Edit”, ”Rotate left”, ”Rotate

right”, ”Crop”, ”Set picture as” and "Details" etc. operations.


Click the Camera icon

in the applications menu.

1. Click

switch to camera, and you can take picture.



conversion lens.

3. Click the camera shutter

to take photos.