Naxa NID-7006A User Manual

Page 8

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Users can go to "Android market" for online installation, download via the computer, or online through the machine built-in browser to download

and install.

Uninstall applications

Pitch on the item


Settings - Apps –Download


, select the appropriate application that has been installed, choose the applications which you need

to uninstall.


When the network is connected, open the web browser and enter the URL, you can quickly browse the web or through the main desktop search

bar. Enter the URL and open the web page.

Video Player:

Online video: The product supports HTML5 online video playback.

Local video: Click the Super-HD Player icon

, the player can load new albums and photos automatically which are stored in local disk or

micro SD card, then select the videos to playback.

Music player:

Click the music icon

, you will enter the music player interface.

Click the music files to play them.

Click “ ” to play the previous song, press and hold to fast reverse.