Naxa NPB-427 User Manual

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To ensure good system performance, wait until the disc tray completely reads the disc before


If no disc loaded into the compartment, or the disc is place upside down or unreadable, the display

will show



Playing A Disc
1. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to start playback, the playback starts from track 1, “ ” will appear

on the display.

2. To interrupt playback, press the PLAY/PAUSE button, “ ” will flashing and the track number will

steady on and off on the display.

3. To resume playback, press the PLAY/PAUSE button again.
4. To stop playback, press the STOP button, the total number of tracks appears on the display.

Selecting A Different Track During Play

1. Press CD SKIP FORWARD/BACKWARD button on the unit continuously until the desired track

number appears in the display.

2. Playback starts from the desired track. (Press CD PLAY/PAUSE button to start playback in stop


Starting Again With the Track That Is Currently Playing

1. Press CD SKIP BACKWARD button once.
2. The playback will start again from the beginning of the track.

Stopping Play

1. Press CD STOP button if you wish to stop play. The total track number which can be played will

now appear on the display.

2. Open the CD door on the unit to remove the CD.


rogramming tracks of disc are possible when playback is stopped. Up to CD 20 tracks /MP3 99 tracks
can be stored in the memory in any order.
1. In stop mode, press the PROG./P-MODE button, the PROG will flash and the

P01 indicator will be


2. Press the CD SKIP/SEARCH FORWARD button to select the first desired track to be programmed.
3. Press the PROG./P-MODE button to enter. The display changes to show


4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 to store other desired tracks until all tracks are programmed.
5. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to start playback from the first programmed track.
6. Press the STOP button to stop program playback.

To Erase the Memory (Program)

To clear the program, you have two options:
1. Press the STOP button until “PROG” disappears on the display, or
2. Open the CD compartment lid, program will be erased.


You can play one track or all tracks on the disc repeatedly.

To Repeat a Single Track

1. Press the PROG./P-MODE button once in play, " " shows flashing on the display. The

current track will be played over and over again till you press the STOP button.

2. To cancel repeat play, press PROG./P-MODE button till the " " disappears from display.