Naxa NPB-427 User Manual

Page 8

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To repeat all the Tracks

1. Press PROG./P-MODE button till the " " shows steady on the display, all tracks on the disc will

be played over and over again till you press the STOP button.

2. To cancel repeat play, press the PROG./P-MODE button till the " " disappears from the display.

To repeat current Directory (for MP3 only)

1. Press PROG./P-MODE button untill “ FOLD” shows steady on the display, The current

directory will be played repeatedly until the STOP button is pressed.

2. Press the PROG./P-MODE button twice to cancel.


Press the PROG./P-MODE button in play mode till the “RDM ” shows steady on the display, the random
play will start from next track automatically(or press CD skip forward button), until all tracks are played
over and then stop. Press the PROG./P-MODE button once to cancel.

To select a song which track number exceeds 10

To select a song/track which number exceeds 10, Press the FOLD+/+10 or FOLD-/-10 button each time
to skip forward/backward 10 tracks, then press the CD SKIP FORWARD/BACKWARD button to select
desired track. For example: to select the 17


track, press FOLD+/+10 button, and then the CD SKIP

FORWARD button six times immediately.

To Select A Desired Folderfor MP3 disc only

(if the MP3 disc contains more than one folder)
To skip to the desired folder during playback, press and hold the
FOLD+/+10 or FOLD-/-10 button for about 2 seconds to skip to next/previous folder.