S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Scoop AS-1005 User Manual

Warning, Must read prior to installation)

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II. Scoop Obstruction:
Regularly inspect the entire Scoop Inlet for any obstruction or debris that may impede the flow of air.

III. Ride Height
Make sure there is plenty space between your tire and the scoop before driving. The scoop system may not work with
aftermarket wheels and tires.

IV. Do NOT Seal Off Stock Inlet Location:
In addition to pulling air from the base of the air box, the S&B Cold Air Intake Kit pulls air from the same location as the
stock induction system. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD YOU SEAL OFF THIS AIR INLET. Doing so could
result in severe injury or death or damage to the vehicle or property. Sealing off the stock air inlet could cause a
significant vacuum should the Scoop become partially or completely obstructed which among other things could pull oil
into intake tube leading to an explosion and/or a run-away truck condition as the oil would serve as fuel to the engine.

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V. Warranty for Scoop & Filter Wrap

S&B provides a limited warranty to guarantee the product is free of material and workmanship defects. Any product will be replaced upon

identification of such defect. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty. Final authorization is at the sole discretion of S&B

Filters, Inc.

VI. How long will the Scoop & Filter Wraps Repel Water?

The Scoop & Filter Wraps are specially treated to repel water. The water repellency longevity is dependent upon driving conditions and the

number of times the filter is cleaned. Generally speaking, we recommend changing the Filter Wrap every 6-12 months. However, a

quick test can determine if it is time to change your Filter Wrap. Simply take an ordinary clean spray bottle filled with water and gently

spray the Filter Wrap. If the water beads off the Filter Wrap, your water repellency is still working. If you see water enter through the Filter

Wrap, it is time to purchase a new Filter Wrap.

I. Water Ingestion Disclaimer:
This product is intended for general highway use only! Under normal driving conditions water ingestion is usually not an
issue; however, if the product becomes submerged from rain or puddles due to harsh rains or flooding, the engine may
ingest water which could cause severe engine damage. Do NOT use this product when crossing any body of water
including but not limited to large puddles, streams, rivers or lakes.

If your engine ingests water, this could cause severe engine damage by hydro-lock or other conditions. Care should be
taken to avoid these driving conditions. ENGINE DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE INGESTION OF WATER INTO THE