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Forney Plug-n-Play Heat for SCR Reheat Applications

Forney has made low-load SCR boiler applications simple with the introduc-

tion of perimeter-fired burners. Forney perimeter-fired burners inject high

velocity air at any temperature, anywhere you need it in an SCR duct. This

allows you to eliminate the cost of expensive economizer bypass ducts and

diverting dampers. Perimeter firing eliminates the engineering and pressure

part modifications necessary with split economizer designs. With Forney

burners, the solution is simple -- Plug-n-Play Heat.

The burners are located on the outside of the SCR ductwork, firing

across the width of the duct. There is no equipment in the duct, and

the burners are continuously purged when out of service, so fouling,

plugging, flyash erosion, and other maintenance hassles are minimized.

The high velocity discharge of the burners ensures adequate penetra-

tion of heat across the duct. With Plug-n-Play Heat, no internal flow

correction devices are required. This reduces pressure drop on the

system, and eliminates another maintenance worry.

Equipment and installation costs associated with Plug-n-Play Heat

are lower than those associated with economizer gas-side bypass-

especially on units where existing structural steel makes locating new

ductwork difficult. Forney perimeter-fired burners are lightweight and

in most cases they can be supported by the SCR ductwork. Natural gas

consumption is relatively low, and some of the heat added upstream of

the SCR reactor can be recovered by the air preheater.


offering external, in-duct, or
perimeter-fired SCR reheater
systems. Our engineers will
custom design and integrate the
system appropriate for your plant.


CAPITAL COST - Forney Plug-n-
Play burners cost less than
economizer bypass ducts with their
associated dampers, actuators, and
expansion joints. Installation is
easier because of the burners' small
size and light weight-especially in
crowded SCR retrofit applications.

·· CFD MODELING - Forney

engineering can perform CFD
modeling of heat distribution to
assure efficient SCR operation at all
boiler loads.

·· EXPERIENCE - Forney

technologies are proven in SCR and
other firing applications around the

·· SERVICE - Forney service

engineers provide start-up
expertise and periodic maintenance
capabilities to ensure your
equipment operates reliably.