Forney IDD 9000 Amplifier User Manual

Idd 9000 flame detector amplifier

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Product Overview

Reliable flame detection and burner-to-burner discrimination in
multi-burner boilers is significantly more challenging with the NFPA 85
requirement to prove “flame not detected” prior to burner start-up. This
NFPA requirement along with difficult discrimination challenges, such as
low NOx burners and opposed fired boilers, are demanding more powerful
signal analysis and tuning capability from flame detection systems. The
IDD 9000 employs a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based flame signal
processing method to offer advanced tuning capabilities necessary for a
NFPA compliant system.

The IDD 9000 Flame Amplifier is designed for easy upgrade of
existing Forney flame amplifiers with most installations simply requiring a
flame amplifier replacement and reconnection of existing wires to improve
flame detection and discrimination. The IDD 9000 is available in panel
or rack mount; single or dual channel configurations. The dual channel
configurations use two fully independent channels to support two flame
detectors simultaneously.

• Amplifier Upgrades - The IDD 9000 can replace most Forney flame

amplifiers, panel or rack mount, in any application with complete

• Flame Detector - Works with all versions of Forney’s IDD and UV-4


• Analog Output - Flame intensity output is available in either

0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA.

IDD 9000 Flame Detector Amplifier

• Enhanced Discrimination and Tuning -

Increased IDD frequency response options

along with spectrum weighting capability

for tuning to unique flame patterns.

• Storage for eight operating profiles allows

BMS controlled or manual file switching

for instantaneous recall of optimized

performance for a variety of fuels and

burner operating conditions.

• Flame signal processing can be IR only or

UV only on each channel.

• Connecting an IDD and UV-4 flame

detector to one dual channel IDD 9000

amplifier allows supervision of a burner/

igniter pair.

Factory Mutual Approved

• Factory Mutual (FM) approval means safe

operation and lower insurance rates

The IDD 9000 Flame Detector Amplifier

provides enhanced discrimination and

tuning for NFPA compliant systems and

offers a single retrofit solution for multiple

discrete legacy amplifiers.

Features & Benefits

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