Dayton Audio DTA-1AR Wireless Class T Digital Amp__Receiver 15 WPC User Manual

Wireless class-t amplifier receiver, Dta-1ar

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Thank you for purchasing the Dayton Audio DTA-1AR

Wireless Class T Amplifier Receiver. This system offers a new
level of high fidelity performance and versatility previously
unattainable with traditional audio amplifiers.

Dayton Audio cuts the cord holding your stereo system

back with the DTA-1AR wireless amplifier receiver. Built upon
the tried-and-true Class T amplifier design, this system exhibits
the same high-fidelity audio quality that audiophiles have come
to love while remaining compact. When used wirelessly with
the DTA-1T transmitter, true stereo sound is sent to the
DTA-1AR amplifier/receiver via a 2.4 GHz signal while
maintaining 20-20,000 Hz (-3 dB) frequency response.

Dayton Audio's DTA-1AR is the amplifier solution for

fixed audio desktop sound or as the receiving amplifier for
your DTA-1T streaming audio unit. Great for use outdoors, as
wireless rear channel surround speakers, or quickly adding a
zone to your stereo system when used with the Dayton Audio
DTA-1T transmitter.


Key features of the DTA-1AR include an amplifier

efficiency of up to 88% for long life when powered off batteries
(8 AA batteries, not included) and cool operation, a compact
size transmitter that looks great on desks, 3.5 mm AUX input
for smartphone or MP3 connectivity, and spring loaded
speaker terminals for quick speaker connection.

Additional DTA-1AR Amplifier/Receivers may be

purchased for use with the DTA-1T allowing you to increase
the size of your wireless system (up to 16 DTA-1ARs).

Wireless Class-T Amplifier Receiver

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