SM Pro Audio OC8E: 8 channel optical Compressor User Manual

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Introduction - Design - Installation


In purchasing the new SM OC8E you have acquired a multi-channel optical compressor of high
class that meets many of the demands of the home/pro studio. The OC8E is a 2U standard 19"
rack-mount multi-channel optical compressor that builds on the success of the SM Pro Audio ana-
log series products.
With eight discrete high-quality optical compressors, the SM OC8E seamlessly fits into many audio
workstation configurations. It features 8 x optical compressors in a simple to operate 2RU unit
device. Tailored to suit a wide variety of applications, the OC8E is perfectly suited for use as a multi-
channel compressor for many applications. Optical compressors are sought after for the distinctive
musicality they give to vocals, guitars and other instruments. The SM OC8E's adjustable ratio,
attack, release and output controls are designed to generate a distinctive soft, rich character while
providing magnificent control over dynamics. Fantastic for use as inserts on your multi-channel
recording tracks!
The OC8E also has provision for the optional installation of SM Pro Audio’s PR8IIA ADAT output
interface (also known as the EP84ADAT). The PR8IIA can provide users with the ability to output
eight (8) channels in ADAT optical light-pipe format. The PR8IIA ADAT output board is perfect for
users wanting to interface or add eight (8) additional channels of quality pre-amplification to a vari-
ety of digital devices such as digital mixers, audio recording interfaces, etc.


2.1 High quality components and design
The philosophy behind SM Pro Audio products guarantees a no-compromise circuit design and
fault-tolerant component selection. All SM Pro Audio products go through a rigorous planning and
production procedure from start to finish.

2.2 Inputs and outputs
All inputs and outputs are secured firmly to the exterior chassis housing thus ensuring robust qual-
ity and confidence under all conditions.


Your SM Pro Audio OC8E was carefully packed in the factory and the packaging was designed to
protect the unit from rough handling. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully examine the
packaging and its contents for any signs of physical damage, which may have occurred in transit.

* If you happen to receive a damaged unit, please notify your dealer and shipping company

3.1 What’s included in the box
You should have the following included inside your shipping box:
- 1 x OC8E Multi-channel optical compressor
- 1 x Power cable
- 1 x Operational user guide (the one you are reading!)

3.2 Rack-mount installation
The SM Pro Audio OC8E can be used stand alone on your desktop, however it is best installed into
“two” standard 19” compatible audio rack-mount unit spaces.
Please remove all cables (including power) before installing the OC8E into your audio rack.