SM Pro Audio OC8E: 8 channel optical Compressor User Manual

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Sturdy rack mounting ears are present on each side of the OC8E’s front panel. Simply mount the
OC8E into an available 2 rack-space position and secure with rack-mount bolts/screws.

* Note: Please take into consideration ventilation of your equipment. A well-ventilated equipment
rack will ensure optimum operation and longevity of your equipment. It’s often a good idea to leave
1 free rack-bay position between your equipment to allow ventilation As to avoid overheating,
please do not place the OC8E on high temperature devices such as power amplifiers.

3.3 Mains Voltage & front panel power switch

Mains Voltage
Important - Before you connect your OC8E to the mains power supply, please make sure that your
local voltage matches the voltage required by the unit!

The OC8E has a professional internal power supply suitable for operation between AC 110/115v –
AC 220/230/240v. A voltage configuration switch on the left hand side of the rear panel should be
set to match the appropriate voltage of your mains power supply. Simply slide the selector switch
with your finger or a small flat-blade screwdriver to either the 110v or 220v position to configure the
unit accordingly.

To connect the OC8E to your mains power source simply connect the included standard IEC mains
power cable to the OC8E’s three (3) pin power connector socket.

Power on/off switch & LED power indicator
The OC8E’s power switch can be found on the right hand side of the front panel. To enable power
to the OC8E or ‘turn on” simply place the power on/off switch into the down position. The LED power
indicator will illuminate to indicate the OC8E’s operational state as ‘on’ and ready for operation.

To power down or ‘turn off’ the OC8E, simply place the power on/off switch into the up position. The
LED power indicator will not illuminate to indicate the OC8E’s operational state as ‘off’.

* It’s always good practice to protect your ears, and other audio equipment by taking appropriate
care when powering up any audio equipment. Being aware of your gain structure, and performing
a structured power up sequence with your equipment will help to avoid unexpected audio signals
bursts. It’s a good idea to power up devices in sequence from the start of the signal chain to the
end of the signal chain (OC8E -> recording device -> power amplifier/active monitors).

3.4 Audio Connections

Analog Inputs
8 x ¼” TS input connectors can be found on the rear panel. These are the direct analog inputs
to the OC8E’s 8 x individual compressor modules. Input your audio source material directly to
these inputs.

OC8E rear panel