SM Pro Audio OC8E: 8 channel optical Compressor User Manual

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Front Panel Controls - Application

gain. The rotary output control allows you to adjust or ‘make-up’ gain at the compressor output stage.

* Keep an eye on your VU meter to check the output signal strength!

4.7 Independent (8x) VU Meters
8 x accurate needle meters are provided for monitoring the output level of each corresponding com-
pressor module. Each meter displays scale marks from -20 to +3dB. This indicates output signal


5.1 General use of the OC8E
The OC8E is well suited to many environments requiring smooth transparent compression pro-

The most common application would be to use the compressor on each channel of your mixer or
digital audio systems ‘insert’ connectors. Insert connectors allow you to place a processing device
such as a compressor inline with the individual channels signal path. This makes a perfect
add-on to your mixer or digital audio system.

Step by step:

Make your physical connections ...
Place your incoming signals directly into the inputs on the rear of the OC8E. Then connect the out-
puts of the OC8E to your next audio destination. Typically your inputs and outputs would be com-
ing from a mixer or pre-amps ‘insert’ connectors so that the compressor would be ‘inline’ in your
signal path.

Set your input gain control ...
The incoming signal strength cannot be adjusted on the OC8E. It must me set prior to arriving at
the units inputs. View the LED meter to analyze the incoming signal strength in dB. This allows you
a good visual indicator so you can adjust your signal from the source (ie mixer gain, preamplifier
gain control).

Apply the desired compression settings for each channel ...
You can now choose to add some optical compression to your signal if desired. Select the com-
pressor on/off switch to the “on” position. Set your channels attack and release encoders to the
desired settings, and adjust the compression ratio rotary control until you are satisfied with the

Adjust your output level ...
Simply adjust the rotary output control so that your output signal is at your desired level. It is
advised that you visually monitor the input signal level on the destination device you are sending
signal to when making output level adjustments.

5.2 PR8IIA - Optional ADAT output module (also known as EP84ADAT)
The PR8IIA is an optional output module that can be fitted to the OC8E to provide pristine 24 bit
digital conversion of your OC8E’s output channels to an ADAT digital format stream. Perfect for use
with ADAT compatible mixers, multi-track recorders, ADAT PC audio cards, or other professional
ADAT compatible devices, the PR8IIA upgrades your OC8E to fit seamlessly into the digital world.