Fill-Rite FR12SPA1.5 User Manual

Service and operating manual

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THE PUMP: This pump is a totally enclosed, submersible dewatering unit. It is powered by a 1/3 HP, 12 volt DC 30 AMP

motor. Battery clips on the power cord allow easy connection to any 12 volt vehicle battery.

SWITCHING: The on-off switch is located on the power cord.

CONNECTING TO BATTERY: When connecting the clips to a battery, arcing is eliminated by keeping the on-off switch

in the “off” position. Connect the red battery clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal. Connect the black battery clamp to

ground: preferably on the vehicle’s engine to a solid, metallic, stationary point. The connection

should be at least 18 inches (480mm) from the battery.

HOSE: Since the pump develops relatively low pressure, it is recommended that non-collapsible hose be used for maxi-

mum pumping rates.

HOISTING & LOWERING: Attach a line to the metal handle on the top of the pump for hoisting or lowering the unit. Do

not use power cable for handling unit.

TO OPERATE: Lower unit into liquid to be pumped and activate switch. Pump can be run for a few minutes without

liquid, however,

do not run completely dry for extended periods. Damage to shaft seal may result.

RUNNING TIME: This unit draws about 30 amperes and can be operated about 1hour on a fully charged 55 AMP-hour

battery and still permit starting of

vehicle under normal conditions. Caution should be used when running time

exceeds 30 or 40 minutes without engine running to recharge battery, particularly in cold weather when battery efficiency is

lowered. Battery size (AMP-hour rating) and the use of other accessories such as lights and radios, etc., must be taken into

consideration for practical running periods without engine running.

OVERLOAD PROTECTION is provided by means of a 40 amp automatic reset circuit breaker, located under top cover.


Model FR12SPA1.5 Portable

Submersible Dewatering Pump

Design Level 3