KP Electronic Systems RCI5000 User Manual

Rci5000, Radio comunication interface, Important features

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Radio Comunication Interface

RCI5000 - Reliability Assured !

The RCI5000 provides a reliable and robust means of
centralized control and monitoring for medium to large
scale projects.
It receives, decodes and transfers messages to complementary
software (SAMSON


) offering fully automatic functionality from a single

The internal construction of a synthesized radio and high speed
processor offers the best long-range wireless solution for a
control center. The RCI5000 acts as an interface between
the wireless

Remote software programming

Multi-protocol: receive and transmit

different protocols on one unit

Includes built-in integrated signal strength


Windows - based General Utility

Program GUP5000


Rapid interrogation of end-units

Efficient use of protocols

Fast baud rate between the RCI and PC

PC alerts of RCI status

Backup historical memory of previously

received messages per channel

Important Features:

Modular design enables expansion

Supports A4 printer

Supports USB, COM and parallel ports

Multi-radio channels - up to four transceivers

Illuminated control panel and large LCD


Built-in self calculation of interrogation

time of remote end-units

Synthesized internal radios allow easy

and rapid frequency changes

Can work with up to four different external

radios or up to two internal radios

infrastructure and computers, yet enables manual


control when the computer fails.