KP Electronic Systems FTS100 User Manual


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FTS100 (Field Test Set) - This Unique and sophisticated
portable device is designed to test and calibrate equipment
such as:

Radio Receivers
Decoder boards of RCI / DTRCI, SMR
Signal Strength Measurement boards of Repeaters and EXR5000.

Light, inexpensive and simple to operate, the FTS100 offers a great
alternative to the functions otherwise offered by the heavy
and expansive Spectrum analyzer which was previously required in orde
to calibrate the radio equipment. Using the FTS100 allows the technici
system and service personal to get the best performance out
of the KP radio network.



Field Test Unit

FTS100 has 4 operational modes:
RF signal (modulation frequency 900 Hz)
Checks and Tunes the signal level indicator of the receiver
Duty Cycle
Adjusts the decoder
Address Increment
Sends Different Addresses and event codes in order to check
general system functionality
Minimum Detectable Signal (MDS). Checks sensitivity of receiver
reception level