KP Electronic Systems ATS100 User Manual

Ats100, Atsu100, Alarm transmitter - synthesized

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Alarm Transmitter - Synthesized

Important Features

Synthesized VHF and UHF units
Programmable periodic test messages
Serial port for on-site parameter

programming by the FTU100


or by PC,

using dedicated GUP10


utility software

Interfaces with any alarm panel for transfer

of up to 256 different messages
8 dry contact inputs
Double frequencies for emergency
backup and extra protection
Compact and easy to install

The ATS100 and ATSU100 units are a new generation of advanced, high
performance, radio alarm transmitters designed to complement KP's
LARS long range radio alarm systems. Manufactured using the latest SMD
technology, the ATS units are synthesized for both VHF and UHF frequencies.

The ATS100 unit transmits periodic test signals verifying its status and alerting

the Central Monitoring Station of any service problems.

Low batteries, for example, can now be detected and replaced before

discharging, ensuring constant security monitoring and efficient maintenance.

Parallel Systems for Increased Security
Full zone and panel information can be sent via
the ATS100 by either connecting to KP’s innovate
DI100 Dialer Interface or connecting directly to
a number of industry-standard alarm panels.
Messages are then sent via radio transmission
and Line Receiver ensuring complete primary/
secondary security backup.

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