Hochiki CHQ-ARI User Manual

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Wiring and Locking Mechanism

The bases used with the Addressable Remote
Indicator should be wired as shown in Fig 2
below. The CHQ-ARI(CLR) can also be locked
onto the relevant base by removing a plastic
lug on the underside of the remote indicator,
please refer to Fig 1. The Addressable Remote
Indicator can only then be removed by using a
special Removal Tool (TSC-A100/ALG) which
is available from Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd.

A: Loop (+) B: Loop (-) C: Cable Screen

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Fig 1

Remove tab carefully
using a pair of pliers



Maximum current for
remote indicator is 10mA.


Base fixing centres are
48mm to 74mm


Maximum wire thickness is



Fig 2