Foredom Mounting 3inch User Manual

And 3, Radial bristle discs

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Industrial: Clean metal surfaces prior to welding, painting, or other
operations. Weld clean up. Deburr parts. Pre-polish brass, copper,
aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and other metals.
Jewelry: Pre-polish and polish precious metals. Finish pewter and white
metals. Remove scratches and sprue marks. Clean insides of rings.
Clean up solder joints.
Dental: Smooth and clean hard alloys. Remove oxides and
contaminants. Prepare surfaces. Polish acrylics.
Woodworking: Sand and smooth flat or irregular surfaces on soft or
hard wood. Remove fuzz and burs from carvings. Sand inside grooves.

Mounting Discs


For tapered spindles on bench

lathes (Foredom BL lathe or other) use a Tapered Spindle
Adapter which will hold 1 to 12 of the discs. A wheel
mandrel with 3/8

″ arbor can also be used on bench

grinders or lathes. Use 2 or 3 discs for small grooves and
recessed areas and 6 to 12 discs for wider areas.

″ Discs can be used in hand held grinders or flex shaft

handpieces with an A-M30 or A-M31 Foredom Mandrel.
Be sure to mount them so that the arrow
molded into the hub of the disc is pointing in
the direction of rotation of the spindle.

Tapered Spindle


″ O.D. (51mm) X 3/8″ Arbor Hole (9.5mm)


″ O.D. (76mm) X 3/8″ Arbor Hole (9.5mm)

Maximum Operating Speed (MOS):

30,000 RPM for 2


20,000 RPM for 3


20,000 RPM for Heavy Duty 3


Product Features

: Scotch-Brite

patented radial bristle discs are

molded plastic discs embedded with a blend of patented 3M Cubitron

and aluminum oxide mineral. Cubitron is a tough, long lasting ceramic
aluminum oxide mineral with sharper edges than regular aluminum
oxide. The abrasive filled bristles apply a continuous fresh supply of
mineral to the work piece eliminating the need for compounds. The
flexible bristles will reach into grooves and contours on irregular
surfaces or work on flat areas. They can clean and remove dirt, rust,
and oxidation without damage to the underlying surface. They run
cool and will not load up with removed material. Because no
compounds are required these discs generate far less dust.

Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Discs have thicker bristles, more
rugged construction and are available in coarse grits: 50, 80 and
120. They quickly remove many types of tough coatings including
rust and paint from a wide variety of metals and can carve wood.


and 3

Radial Bristle Discs

in USA

Tapered Spindle
Adapters P/N:


(right hand)


(left hand)

Authorized 3M Distributor



Foredom Electric Company
16 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801

Form No.1306 n 4/08

Printed in USA

A-M30 and A-M31





Operating Speeds



3,000 –10,000 RPM



3,000 –15,000 RPM



3,000 –15,000 RPM

Vary the speed to obtain different surface textures and
finishes on different materials.


Heavy Duty Radial

Bristle Discs

Super tough plastic bristle
discs, embedded with
abrasive, wear as they
clean continually exposing
fresh abrasive

The ideal tool to replace
scrapers, wire wheels and
chemical strippers

Bristles ride over surface
without gouging

Use on steel, aluminum,
wood, cast iron


is a trademark of 3M


20,000 RPM
Max. Speed

For Dangerous Operations, use the proper machine
Safety Guards.
Consult your plant Safety Engineer for safe work set-up.
Wear face, hand and/or body protection when appropriate.
Make sure no one is standing in front or back of the product
when starting machine.
Provide appropriate local exhaust. If exhaust
ventilation is not adequate, wear dust protection respirator
or face mask to prevent inhalation of dust particles.
A damaged, vibrating, or wobbling brush or disc
can break apart and may cause injury.
Do Not
enlarge or change the shape of the center hole.
Stop the product if vibrating or wobbling occurs during use.
Damage or Wobbling can be caused by:

Forcing the product onto a spindle that is too large.

Over-Tightening the mounting nut.

Using side support washers with brushes/discs that are

smaller than 1/3 product diameter, unequal in diameter
or warped.
Incorrect storage can cause bristles to break off
during use and may cause injury.
Store product at temperatures between 40ºF (5ºC) and
150ºF (65ºC) for at least 24 hours before using.
Store in a Dry, Cool Place.

Safety Information:

Read this insert before mounting brush/disc on tool or
machine. Post this insert in the work area.
Improper use can cause product to break apart and may
cause injury. Take precautions indicated below.

Exceeding maximum operating
speed or abusive operation can
cause product to break apart
and may cause injury.
exceed the maximum
operating speed (MOS).
Be sure you check the maximum
operating speed (MOS) of the
product against the machine speed.
Be sure you check direction of
brush/disc rotation. Running in the
wrong direction can cause bristles
to break off.

Do not jam the work piece into the product.
Do not press hard on the side of the product.
Sparks flying off some products can cause fire.
Particles flying off products can cause injury.
Remove flammable materials
from the work area.
Direct sparks away from face and body.

Discs can break apart


and 3


Bristle Discs




Operating Speeds



3,000 – 15,000 RPM

White, Red & Blue

120, 220 & 400

3,000 – 18,000 RPM

Pink, Peach 1,200 (pumice), 3,000 (6


& Lt. Green

& 14,000 (1 micron)

1,750 – 7,500 RPM

Vary the speed to obtain different surface textures and
finishes on different materials.

Always wear eye and face protection.

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