Connecting power to enclosed (-en) units – Nematron ePC-Plus Series with T7500 CPU User Manual

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Protective Cover Installation

(Optional if desired)

Step 1: Gather the parts of the protective cover; top shell,

bottom shell, label insert, and wire tie. The
picture shows wire tie (top), label insert (right),
bottom shell (left), and top shell (lower right).

Step 2: Insert your pre-wired connector (with the screws

facing up) into the bottom shell. (See manual
for cable wiring instructions).

Step 3: Insert the wire tie from the bottom shell, loop around

the cable and come back out of the opposite
hole in the bottom shell.

Step 4: Tighten the wire tie around the cable and the

bottom shell.

Step 5:
Seat the top shell onto the bottom as shown. Insert

label strip (if desired) in slot on top shell and
bottom shell.

Step 6: Snap the top and bottom shells together.

Connecting Power to Enclosed (-EN) units:

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