Nematron ePC-Plus Series with T7500 CPU User Manual

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Installing the Touch Screen Driver Software

If your ePC is ordered with a touchscreen and an operating system the drivers will be pre-

installed. The ePC-Series utilizes a USB connection for the touchscreen, therefore the touchscreen will
only function with operating systems that can recognize and utilize USB connections. The driver
included with these units functions with Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, and Windows 7. If using the nPC200
with a touchscreen monitor the appropriate driver will be included with the monitor.

Operating System Recovery

If for some reason your operating system needs to be reinstalled Nematron provides an

Operating System or Recovery disk. The procedure for this is dependent on the operating system.
Because this series does not have an integrated DVD you will need a USB DVD-ROM drive. In some
cases you will also need the “Documentation and Driver” disk that is included with each unit.

The ePC-Series products are only shipped with Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Vista

Business Edition, and Windows 7 Professional. Use of other operating systems is not recommended and
not supported.

Windows XP Professional SP3 for Embedded Systems

Standard Windows XP operating system disks are no longer available from Microsoft. In order to

continue shipping Windows XP for Automation applications, Nematron had to switch to a different license
scheme, Windows XP Professional SP3 for Embedded Systems. This is not Embedded XP it is simply a
different license procedure. By switching to this license Nematron had to create a system recovery disk.
This disk is very specific to the platform and options that are included on your unit. Do not attempt to use
a recovery from one type of unit on another, it may not work. This recovery disk installs the factory image
with all drivers installed. On these units you will need an USB DVD-ROM. Follow the instructions on the
recovery DVD for installation. When installing the image from this DVD it will not be “Activated”, unlike
when you received the unit. You may need to set the video resolution after loading the image depending
on the unit you are loading.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supplied with an OEM operating system license and disk. .In

order to reinstall these operating systems the operating system is installed first via the included disk and
then the “Documentation and Driver” disk must be utilized to install the approved drivers for chipset,
video, Ethernet, and touchscreen if not functional during operating system installation. Use of different
drivers than included on the disk are not recommended and not supported.

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