Specifications, Front panels, Epc1550 epc1750 epc1950 – Nematron ePC-Plus Series with T7500 CPU User Manual

Page 4: Figure 1.0: epc-plus series front panel comparison

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Front Panels

The ePC-Plus series has NEMA 4/4X/12 sealed front panels when mounted in an appropriate

NEMA rated enclosure. See Chapter 2 for more details on installation and selection of an appropriate
enclosure. All three sizes have very similar front panels with different dimensions.




Figure 1.0: ePC-Plus Series Front Panel Comparison

The standard front panels are powder coated aluminum. The optional Stainless Steel front panel is type
304 and will not contain a logo pocket or logo on the front. The window area is clear polycarbonate when
ordered without a touchscreen. The touchscreen option is chemically strengthened glass covered by a
polyester overlay. The polyester overlay has better resistance to chemicals than the polycarbonate
window. Depending on the chemicals involved in your application consideration should be given to
choosing the proper window material.

In addition to the panel mounted versions there is a display-less “node” version, the nPC200. This unit is
essentially the same as the other ePC-Plus units without a NEMA sealed front panel, touchscreen, and
display. It is intended to be mounted inside a NEMA enclosure.

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