Installation – Nature Power Modified Sinewave Inverter 400w (38204) User Manual

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Nature Power recommends that all wiring be done by a certified technician or

electrician to ensure adherence to the applicable electrical safety wiring regulations and

installation codes. Failure to follow these instructions can damage the unit and could also result in

personal injury or loss of life



Before beginning your power inverter Installation, please consider the following:

The Nature Power Inverter base unit should be used or stored in an indoor area away from

direct sunlight, heat, moisture or conductive contaminants.

When placing the unit, allow a minimum of three inches of space around the unit for optimal


Understanding the unit features



Material Prepare for Installation

Typical Wiring block diagram of the Power Inverter:

12V Battery Bank:

The use of deep cycle battery is highly recommended for power inverter application

For battery size, you need to identify how much you will be using them between charges.

Nature Power recommends you purchase as much battery capacity as possible. See more

on Battery Run time and Load in Section 4.

Fuse or Circuit Breaker:

DC-rated fuse or DC-rated circuit breaker connected along the DC positive line is required.

Select a fuse or circuit breaker with a minimum of 60 ADC

Based on the size of the battery bank chosen on the 12V Battery Bank above, determine the

overall short circuit current rating of the battery bank from the battery manufacturer. The fuse

or circuit breaker chosen has to be able to withstand the short circuit current that may be

generated by the battery bank.

Disconnect Switch:

Select a Disconnect Switch with the same or higher the rating of the selected fuse or circuit

breaker from the above.

The Disconnect Switch is used to disconnect the DC power between the power inverter and

the battery bank during service, maintenance or trouble shooting.

DC Input Cable:

Use of low resistance wire is required for all the DC connections between the inverter and the

battery bank.

Power Inverter





Fuse or Circuit


12 V Battery Bank

(Charger system

sold separately is

required to charge

the battery bank

when battery is


Pos +

Neg -



‘Power’ indicator

‘Fault’ indicator


On/Off Switch

Fan opening

DC Input Terminals

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