Nature Power Modified Sinewave Inverter 400w (38204) User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the Nature Power Inverter. With our state of the art, easy to use design,

this product will offer you reliable service for providing AC power for your home, cabin, RV or

Trailer. The Nature Power Inverter can run many AC-powered appliances when you need AC

power anywhere.

This manual will explain how to use this unit safely and effectively. Please read and follow these

instructions and precautions carefully.


This section contains important safety information for the Nature Power Inverter. Each time,

before using the Nature Power Inverter, READ ALL instructions and cautionary markings on or

provided with the inverter, and all appropriate sections of this guide.

The Nature Power Inverter contains no user-serviceable parts. See Warranty section for how to

handle product issues.

WARNING: Fire and/or chemical burn hazard

Do not cover or obstruct any air vent openings and/or install in a zero-clearance compartment.

WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions can result in death or injury

When working with electrical equipment or lead acid batteries, have someone nearby in case of

an emergency.

Study and follow all the battery manufacturer’s specific precautions when installing, using and

servicing the battery connected to the inverter.

Wear eye protection and gloves.

Avoid touching your eyes while using this unit.

Keep fresh water and soap on hand in the event battery acid comes in contact with eyes. If this

occurs, cleanse right away with soap and water for a minimum of 15 minutes and seek medical

Batteries produce explosive gases.

DO NOT smoke or have an open spark or fire near the


Keep unit away from moist or damp areas.

Avoid dropping any metal tool or object on the battery. Doing so could create a spark or short

circuit which goes through the battery or another electrical tool that may create an explosion.

WARNING: Shock Hazard. Keep away from children!

Avoid moisture. Never expose unit to snow, water etc.

Unit provides 120 VAC; treat AC output sockets the same as regular wall AC sockets at home.

WARNING: Explosion hazard!

DO NOT use the Nature Power Inverter in the vicinity of flammable fumes or gases (such as

propane tanks or large engines).

AVOID covering the ventilation openings. Always operate unit in an open area.


Do not use in connection with life support systems or other medical equipment or devices.


The Nature Power Inverter package includes the items list below.

Power Inverter base unit

Owner’s manual

DC Input cable accessories

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