JJC RM-T1 User Manual

Jjc rm-t1, Features

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Long range Infrared Remote Control Instruction

Design for SONY DSLR camera

Thank you for purchasing JJC RM-T1 long range Infrared Remote Control. For the best

performance, please read this instruction carefully before use.


The RM-T1 is a remote control made especially for the SONY DSLR camera provided a remote

sensor. You can operate the camera using the remote control.
z By operating the remote control, you can shoot images and play them back on a TV.*

‹ Shooting the image
‹ Playing back images
‹ Enlarging or reducing the playback images

z The (Slide show) button easily starts/stops a slide show on a TV.*
z Once you connect the camera to a PictBridge printer, you can easily print images while viewing

them on the TV by pressing the PRINT button on the remote control.**

*These function only work when the camera is connected to a TV.

**This function only works when the camera is connected to an HDTV with HDMI cable.

To Replace the Battery:

1. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries which are already included in.

2. Open the battery cover at the back of remote control.

3. Insert two fresh batteries, please ensure the batteries are putted into a correct direction.