HP xw4400 Workstation User Manual

Hp workstations for linux, User guide

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HP Workstations for Linux

User Guide


This document supports the HP Z200, Z200 SFF, Z210 CMT, Z210 SFF, Z400, Z600, Z800, xw4x00,

xw4550, xw6x00, xw8x00, and the xw9x00 Workstations. For information on using Linux with newer

HP Workstations, please see the User Guide and the Maintenance and Service Guide for your

workstation at



This document does not directly address recent releases such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6,

although newer Linux operating systems might work on the workstation platforms described in this

document. Consult the distributor’s website for detailed platform certification information, and for current

product documentation.