GE JGP940TEKWW User Manual

Jgp940tek/kek/bek, Ge profile, Series 30" built-in gas cooktop

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Dimensions and Installation Information

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Specification Revised 3/13



GE Profile

Series 30" Built-In Gas Cooktop

Dimension and installation information are shown in inches.

*Allow 5-3/4" depth at rear for electrical and gas connections

AGA Requirement: All gas cooktop models require
7/16" free area below cooktop height to combustible
material. Requires 18" minimum from countertop to
adjacent overhead cabinets.
Note: Curved front may interfere with some raised
bullnose countertops. If installing with a GE Profile

Telescopic Downdraft System, consult both cooktop and
downdraft installation instructions packed with product
before installing. Cooktop gas/electric supply may need
to be re-routed to install downdraft.
Electrical Rating: 120V, 60Hz, 5A
Installation With Single Wall Oven Information:
30" Gas Cooktops are approved for use over select GE 27"
and 30" Wall Ovens and Warming Drawers. 30" and 36"
Gas cooktops are approved for use over 30" Wall Ovens
and Warming Drawers. Refer to cooktop and wall oven/
warming drawer installation instructions packed with
product for current dimensional data.
Installation Information: Before installing, consult
installation instructions, packed with product, for current
dimensional data.

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