GE 17453 Wireless Motion Sensing LED Spotlight User Manual

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Thank you on your
purchase of the GE
LED Spotlight!

Included items:
2 - 25 mm screws and screw anchors
1 - 44 mm screw

NOTE: The LED Spotlight will stay on as long as there is
motion detected. Spotlight will turn off after 45 seconds if
no motion is detected. The LED Spotlight only turns on in the
dark to conserve battery life.


Removing the front cover -
Remove the front cover by
rotating counter-clockwise. (A)

Inserting batteries - Open the
battery compartment and install
3D batteries, matching the
polarity markings. Replace the
battery compartment, making
sure it snaps back into place. (B)

Replace battery compartment -
put back in the spotlight
compartment. Screw on till the
arrows match. (A)

Mounting the LED Spotlight:
Determine which mounting method you need

1. Permanent mounting - Large screw mounting
a. Remove base by removing screw in the side of the base.


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b. Pull fi xture from base by pulling out the neck of the base.