GE 17453 Wireless Motion Sensing LED Spotlight User Manual

Page 4

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If using screws only:

Use 1/8” drill bit to drill holes
and insert 25 mm screws so
that screw head protrudes
1/8” from surface( the height
of the screw head).

Hang the mounting base on

the inserted screws and slide mounting base down so
that the track is securely held by the screws.

Reassembling The Unit:

Once the base is secure, insert the neck and fi xture back
in to the large hole in the middle of the base. Tighten the
screw on the base so that the neck and fi xture assembly
are secured snuggly within. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Positioning The Fixture:

The LED Spotlight can be
rotated 360 degrees, up or
down. To adjust the light up or
down; turn winged screw
(see photo) counter clockwise,
move light to desired position
and tighten winged screw by
turning clockwise (G). DO NOT

To adjust the angle; fi rmly hold main light area and twist
to desired position.
NOTE: The neck and light will rotate and click when
moving to a different position.