DiabloSport Trinity Update Instructions User Manual

Trinity update instructions

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Trinity Update Instructions

1. Before updating your Trinity, you


restore the stock tune to the vehicle. This is

accomplished by selecting the ‘original backup’ option from the Performance Menu of your

2. Download the DSDownloader program to your PC from the CD provided with the Trinity or from

here on our website:

Trinity downloads page

3. Launch the DSDownloader program on your PC once it has been installed.
4. Select Trinity from the tool communications screen then click ‘Continue’.
5. Connect your Trinity to the PC using the supplied USB cable.
6. When the DSDownloader finds your Trinity, it will display a message that the tool was found,

click ‘Close’.

7. At this point, if you have not yet registered your Trinity, DSDownloader will ask you if you wish

to register, choose yes, and complete the registration form. If you have already registered, skip
to the next step.

8. DSDownloader will query your Trinity to see what revision it is on and what application you have

selected. It will then check the website to see if there are any new Full or Incremental updates
available for you.

9. A message will be displayed ‘A new full update is available for: (selected application)’ Clicking

‘OK’ will download the file from our site automatically.

10. Once the file is saved to your PC, DSDownloader will ask if you would like to send .crom file to

tool, choose ‘YES’. It will send the update to the Trinity. Once the transfer is complete, the
Trinity will reboot.

11. Once the Trinity reboots, click Options/Legacy connect on the DSDownloader, then click

Options/Auto Connect. The DSDL will re-query the Trinity and check to see if there are any
incremental updates available.

12. A message will appear saying a new incremental update is available for your application, click

‘OK’ to download.

13. Once it has downloaded, click ‘OK’ to send crom file to tool.
14. Once the tool reboots, select your vehicle from Options/Change vehicle type, then you may

reinstall the Trinity in your vehicle.

If you need any assistance with updating your Trinity, please contact our technical support line at
800.531.5484x1 or on our Trinity support forums here:

Trinity Forums

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