DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck Shim Kit Instalation Guide User Manual

Shim kit, Instalation guide

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Shim Kit

Instalation Guide

Dodge 6.7L 2007.5+


Locate the plastic cover plate on top of the engine. Carefully remove the dipstick

and 4 bolts holding the plastic cover plate.


After removing the plastic cover plate, locate the Exhaust Gas Recirculation tube.

Using a 11mm wrench carefully remove the two clamps, which hold the EGR

tube, in front of the valve cover without removing the EGR tube.


Locate the single bolt which holds the dipstick tube to the bracket and the 6 bolts

which hold the air horn to the manifold. Using a 10mm socket

and wrench remove all 7 bolts. Carefully slide the air horn forward so the front of

the fuel rail is accessible. Please be careful not to damage the gasket


Carefully remove the 18mm fuel rail valve. This valve can be found on the

front of the fuel rail.

Locating your Fuel Rail Valve:

Locating your Fuel Rail Valve:

GM 6.6L Duramax, 2004.5-2006 Models LLY & LBZ


Located on the driver’s side firewall you should see the glow plug controller.

Find the controller’’s two bolts and remove them.


You will now see 5 bolts, one located on the metal tubing and 4 on the case.

Remove them all exposing the fuel pressure valve.


Unscrew the fuel pressure valve and carefully remove it from the fuel rail.

Installing the Shim Kit:

Dodge 6.7L 2007.5+

GM 6.6L Duramax, 2004.5-2006 Models LLY & LBZ


Carefully screw the supplied nut tool onto the valve. Place the fuel rail valve

into a vice. The vice should clamp down on the sides of the valve cap.


In order to remove the valve cap, carefully unscrew the nut. CAUTION: This piece is

spring loaded. Be sure that you are holding the end of the valve while unscrewing

to prevent a possible loss of parts. When removing the cap take note of how

the holes inside the cap lined up with the spring.


By carefully removing the metal spring you can now place the three supplied metal

shims into the valve.


Place the spring back into the valve and replace the cap. NOTE: The inside of

the valve cap has three holes which form the shape of a triangle. Do not remove

this and ensure that these holes face towards the spring as they did when you

removed it.


To prevent damage to the valve seal surface, place the valve into the vice with a thick

piece of cardboard valve into the vice with a thick


Using your small punch and hammer, carefully re-apply the 3 factory indentations

to the valve lip. These indentations should be applied to the lip where the valve

casing covers the valve cap. In order to rotate the valve you may need to loosen

the vice. When doing this be sure not to allow the spring to push the cap out. After

is held in place by your new indentations. if not, repeat step 9 & 10.


Carefully re-install the fuel valve. Be sure to tighten the valve to 100 ft/lbs.


Line up the 6 bolt holes on the air horn with the 6 holes in the gasket and re-install

the air horn. After the air horn is installed, re-connect the dipstick tube to

the bracket on the air horn.


Carefully re-install the EGR tube. The easiest way to do this is to line up one side at

a time and gently install the clamp leaving it loose enough for adjustment.

Once both sides are gently clamped in place, ensure the EGR tube is in it's proper

palcement and tighten both sides.

Dodge 6.7L 2007.5+


GM 6.6L Duramax, 2004.5-2006 Models LLY & LBZ



Carefully place the plastic case back onn insuring that all bolts are lined up. Thighten

all 5 bolts


Line up the two bolts you removed on the glow plug controller, and re-install the bolts

insuring that the case is on tight.


Tech Support: 1-800-531-5484

In order for your truck to run properly the

following part numbers MUST install the


P1040 / P2010 /

P2020 / P2030 / P2040 / M4000