DiabloSport MAFia with Tuning Software User Manual

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Using the MAFia with Tuning Software

The best way to use the MAFia is to tune the vehicle for idle and cruise and lower RPM ranges at
wide open throttle rpm before you install the MAFia.

Once you have the car running properly install the mafia and set it to 0.

Start the vehicle and make sure that it runs just like it did before the installation of the mafia.
(check fuel trims and load)
Once you have checked to make sure the vehicle runs the same, you can set the mafia to the
desired setting to support the horsepower you intend to make.
Make sure the key is off whenever you change the setting on the MAFia.

You will now apply the necessary changes to your tune to accommodate for the new setting on the
MAFia. This can be accomplished two ways.

Method One – works for all tuning software

Using the settings chart, reduce the following parameters in your software by the correction factor.

Fuel Injector Low Slope
Fuel Injector High Slope
Air Mass Displacement of one cylinder

Setting Correction Factor

Range Notes


No tuning required


Stock/No Change


No tuning required

Stock minus 5%

Leans Signal


24% or multiply by .76

5.5v – 5v or .90

Tuning Required


41% or multiply by .59

6v-5v or .83

Tuning Required


53% or multiply by .47

6.5v-5v or .77

Tuning Required


62% or multiply by .38

7v -5v or .71

Tuning Required


70% or multiply by .30

7.5v – 5v or .67

Tuning Required


No tuning required

Stock plus 5%

Richens Signal

For example
Original tune has a value of 40 for the Fuel Injector Low Slope. You install the MAFia on setting
2. Your new setting for Fuel Injector Low Slope will be 40 x .76 = 30.4