Electrix Warp Factory User Manual

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elcome to the world of Electrix! We would like to thank you for purchasing
WarpFactory, The Ultimate Vocoder for musicians, DJs, producers and engineers.
WarpFactory is a unique new product with sound shaping capabilities never

before offered.

With WarpFactory incredible sounds can be created. The basic principle of WarpFactory is that
one signal ‘Warps’ another. This is accomplished by using two inputs:

• The Source - the sound to be shaped
• The Formant - the signal to shape the source

Formants are the resonances we form with our mouths and throat to articulate vowels and
consonants. The formant is then superimposed on the source sound forming an effect that can
be very human-like. This can be like having a speaker in the throat.!

Give WarpFactory a source such as a sampler, turntable, synthesizer or guitar. You can derive a
formant signal from a microphone and your voice or you can use other inputs such as a drum-
machine, turntable or ...well, get creative.

Unlike traditional vocoders, WarpFactory uses a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to run a
proprietary physical modelling algorithm instead of traditional multiband analog filtering.

WarpFactory’s unique

future / retro case was designed to allow both desktop and rackmount

installation. This concept makes WarpFactory’s control surface optimimum for live performance
as well as studio use.

As an added bonus, WarpFactory has a built in phono pre-amp so you can plug your turntable
directly in. This allows you to cue the effect before it goes to the house by using the cueing
feature of your mixer. In the studio full MIDI implementation makes FilterFactory the perfect
recording tool. You can play the FilterFactory live and capture your performance in a sequence.



In your Electrix box you should find:

• 1 Electrix WarpFactory
• 1 Manual
• 1 Rackmount kit
• 1 Warranty Card
• 1 EIC Power Cable appropriate for your region

If this is not the case then please call your local Electrix distributor, agent or dealer.