Understanding the product – Electrix Warp Factory User Manual

Page 9

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MIDI In/Out/Thru -

Connect any MIDI devices here. See

the MIDI Applications section for more detail.


Channel Select

This selects the channel for both MIDI

input and output.


Effect Output

RCA -stereo. The RCA output level is +4 dBu.
1/4”-stereo. This output produces a balanced +4 dBu signal.

Note: connecting both RCA and 1/4” inch jacks to the inputs
at the same time causes the level of the 1/4” input to drop.
Make sure that when using the 1/4” inputs that nothing is
connected to the RCA inputs.


Source Input

This is the sound to be shaped.

Phono/Line Switch - this swiches the RCA inputs to accept

phono or line level.

RCA -stereo - when the Phono/Line switch is in the Line

position, this input is optimized for a +4 dBu input signal.
When the Phono/Line switch is set to Phono, thie RIAA phono
pre-amp will accept a range of cartridge output levels.
Note: when using a turntable connected to the RCA input, the
output should still be connected to a line input on the mixer.

1/4” -stereo TRS Balanced This input is optimized for +4

dBu input signal. When using the 1/4” inputs be sure to use
the 1/4” outputs also to ensure there is no signal loss.


Formant Input

This is the signal input to shape or

“Warp” the sound.
• 1/4” unbalanced input.
• +4, -10 Switch.
This sets WarpFactorys input level
sensitivity to either of these nominal levels. If it is set
incorrectly, audio distortion may be experianced (+4 signal
into a -10 input) or excessive hiss (-10 signal into a +4 input).


Mic Bypass Output

This is a bypass for your

microphone signal. Connect a Microphone cable from the
Bypass Output to the microphone input on the mixer. If the
mixer has Phantom power, ensure that it is switched off
before connecting WarpFactory’s Microphone thru to the
Microphone input on the mixer. If this is not done, the
phantom power will disrupt the Microphone bypass signal
completely and cause a substantial “thump” when bypassing