Electrix Warp Factory User Manual

Page 8

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This introduces White Noise. THe Noise is affected by the various Warp

settings. This will give things a dirtier, more harsh sound. (And you put all that effort
into making your music sound cleaner...). Try adding a small amount of noise while
vocoding to make spoken words sound cleaner.


Freeze Button:

Freezes the formant shape. It’s like locking the warp filter.

This is cool for creating infinite syllables, i.e. ‘I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu’. Freeze
allows you to sing your own filter shape and lock it in. When a formant is frozen,
adjustments of the Gender control will sound like a sweeping filter on the signal.


Source Kill:

When the Source Kill is On, the source signal will come out of the

WarpFactory only while you are talking into a microphone that is plugged into the
Formant mic input. i.e. When you stop talking into the microphone, WarpFactory
will go quiet. When the Source Kill is Off, the WarpFactory will switch to the dry
signal when the microphone is not in use.


Effect Mix:

This controls the Mix of the Warp effect in relation to the dry signal.

0% is totally dry, or the same as bypassing WarpFactory. 100% is totally wet with
none of the dry signal audible.



THis will bypass the Warp Effect.




Power input

This input will accept an IEC standard power cable. The internal

power supply can be used in any country. The fuse drawer can be rotated to
accomodate different power ratings from 100v to 240v. Check the printed chart
near the power entry for fuse ratings.


Power Switch

This turns the unit on and off. When turning on equipment, be

sure to switch the power amplifiers on last. This will ensure that any noise common
to audio mixers and signal processors will not cause damage to the speakers. When
powering down the system, be sure to turn the power amplifiers off first to avoid
creating “spikes” which can also damage the speakers.



A standard momentary footswitch can be usedto control the Bypass

of WarpFactory. Both normally open or normally closed footswitches cna be
accepted by WarpFactory, however the footswitch must be connected before the
power is turned on in order for WarpFactory to recognize this.