iPazzPort KP-810-06BTT User Manual

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What is Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard and what is it for?

Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard i s the smallest Bluetooth Keyboard in the world for the moment, with built-in

Bluetooth Device,Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard p rovides wireless short range communication with other

Bluetooth device instead of physical cable connection that traditionally link electronic devices.

Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard p rovides a so much convenient and capable tool for iPAD , smart mobile

phone and tablet PC.

Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard


Handheld Keyboard

Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard

What's in your Package?

In the package with

you will find a USB cable for charging the

and this manual.

Features and specifications:

 Wireless connection with your iPAD, smart mobile phone and tablet PC with distance about 10M.

 Smart and portable size: 56mm x 81mm x 10mm

 Backlit keyboard for the convenient operation in darkened room

 Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth V2.0; HID V1.0

 QWERTY keyboard

 Weight: 30g

Starting with


1. Pairing and establishing connection. Let's take Microsoft Bluetooth Software as an example to describe Bluetooth

Search,Pairing and Connection, other Bluetooth software please refer to its own user manual.

1.1 Turn on unit by moving the power switch to ON, (see arrow 15), wait about 2 seconds, backlit will light on and

then go out then you will see LED2 flash, that means your unit is trying to build connection with other Bluetooth

device. if you see LED2 flash one time and then go out, this is normal, you can push Bluetooth Reset Button

indicated by arrow16 to re-build connection.

1, 2 Click “Start”, “Control Panel” (make sure you're in Classic View), and then double-click Bluetooth Devices.

1.3, Click “Add”.

1.4, In the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard, select the “My device is set up and ready to be found check box”, and then

click “Next”.

1.5, After icon of “Bluetooth iPazzPort” appear, click “Bluetooth iPazzPort”, and then click “Next”.

1.6, When the wizard asks you which passkey you want to use, click “Choose a passkey for me”. Then click “Next”.

 Battery Capacity: 200mA

Working Voltage: 3.7V

Charge Voltage: DC 5V

Standby Time: 200mA

1.7 After you are prompted to enter your passkey, please type the passkey on


and then press Enter. You also can choose no passkey to go to next step.

1.8, In the final page of the wizard, click Finish, and then click OK.

should now

be successfully paired with your PC and ready to use.

1.9 LED2 will goes out when connection is established successfully

Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard

Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard